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It has been a long time since my last post, and a lot has happened in that time, so much so that I have not thought about, nor had the time to write. I will try to catch up a little here.

Firstly, since we have had our baby, we have been in need of a larger apartment. Our old apartment was a rather small two-bedroom apartment, which while quite nice, and conveniently located, was just to small for us, our baby, and our belongings. Through the help of my father-in-law, we found a larger place in a better area, and began planning our move.

Our plans were going quite well until our daughter had her leg broken while at her daycare center. Our baby was hospitalized for nearly two months, and since we had already begun the paperwork, and hired a mover, we had to move while she was in the hospital.

How her leg was broken is a long story, and we don’t have all the details yet. Things are done differently in Japan than in other countries when someone is hurt due to the negligence of another, but a few things are the same. We have hired a lawyer, who is looking into things. I am sure more things will come up as he does his work, and of course we are looking for some kind of settlement with the company which owns the daycare center. I will write more as we learn more, perhaps someone in a similar situation will find the information helpful.

But we completed our move, our daughter has come home, and is now in the process of getting back on her feet again. She is a little slow to do this, she was just beginning to walk when her leg was broken, and I don’t expect her to be start again for a few weeks, or perhaps a couple of months. Her leg has healed properly, and causes her no pain, but being completely off her feet for a couple of months has of course delayed her development. We will do what we can to get her caught up.

Our new apartment is much roomier, is in a newer building, and is in a much nicer area. There are many good shops and restaurants around, and many things to do. We can enjoy going to several parks in the area, and we go whenever the weather allows.

To be continued.

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