Pregnancy, the good, the bad, and the ugly…

My second post, and this one might be a longer, as pregnancy can be a long event.

It was February when we found out that we were pregnant. Before even taking the pregnancy test, my wife felt a bit under the weather. She was a little more tired than usual, and seemed to feel a little ill. After finding out about the pregnancy, she felt more an more ill.

Most of what I know about the term “morning sickness” was learned on television. As far as I understood, pregnant women sometimes got sick in the morning, and went away after  awhile. Unfortunately, that was not the case with my wife. It bothered her at all times, morning, noon, and night.

Very early in her pregnancy she began to feel very sick and nauseous. Almost any smell made her feel sick, as did reading magazines or watching tv. She had headaches, and she had to lay in bed with an ice pack on her pillow, and the lights turned off. She had a very terrible time with her morning sickness, and her only regret about being pregnant was how ill she felt, and how difficult it was for her to prepare for Jessica’s arrival, feeling as sick as she did.

As difficult as the sickness was, she continued working, as did I. Getting up in the mornings was difficult, as was getting to bed at night. I helped as I could, picking up food at the grocery store, and giving her massages at night. In the mornings, I would walk our dog (a Jack Russell Terrier, named Macy), and when spring began, I was able to pick a few flowers, which brightened up her mood.

During her pregnancy my wife had a taste for different things at different times. First it was sliced, fresh cucumbers, pickled with salt and vinegar. Next it was diced tomatoes. Then one day she developed a craving for watermelon. Every day I bought watermelon, and every morning I cut it up into pieces for her. Next was blood oranges, which are available in April and May in Japan.

Luckily, over time, she adjusted to the sickness, and could live with it, thought it was never easy. In the earlier days, she never left home, except to go to work, but later on, we were able to do some shopping, and get out a little bit. As her belly began to show, the sickness seemed to decrease more.

But until Jessica was born, there was always at least a little bit of morning sickness every day. The only positive thing about the sickness was that we read that it was stronger when babies were large and healthy, which we hoped was the case.

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