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Hello everybody, my name is Jeff, and I am a new dad living in Tokyo, Japan.

I decided to write this blog to share my new-dad experiences, and also to keep a record of my daughter’s growth. I have been a dad for almost a year, and have learned a lot in that time. Perhaps some of you might find something helpful from my experiences as a new dad, or perhaps you might have some advice of your own to add. Please read, and please feel free to comment. I plan to post some videos on Youtube as well, so please visit Youtube, and look for “Tokyodad” if you are interested in seeing how a tokyodad lives.

A little more background information is of course necessary. My daughter’s name is Jessica, and she will be one year old in only three weeks. I am originally from America, and I moved to Japan 8 years ago, and I have been living in Tokyo for most of that time. Being a new dad is an interesting experience, to say the least, but to enjoy this experience outside my home country, well it is all the more interesting, or so I think. As with many foreign men living in Japan, my marriage is “international”, and my wife is Japanese. My wife is a lovely person, and is a wonderful mother, and I am sure that no dad or husband could ask for more.

My relationship with my wife goes back some years, to when I first visited Japan. I won’t go into the details about how we met, but I have to say that I am the luckiest person I know. My wife is beautiful, intelligent, and the best partner I could ever ask for to share my life with, and I have enjoyed very much the years we have now spent together.

If we go back a little less than two years ago, my wife decided that we should have a baby.  Her reasoning was that we were not getting any younger, and that if we were to have children, the sooner we got started, the more likely it would be that we would have a healthy baby. Though we were both busy people, working full-time and more, we decided to go ahead and try to get pregnant.

For those who are thinking about having a baby, you might ask “when is the best time?” Honestly-speaking, the best time is any time. If you are worrying that now is not the best time to have a baby, and that you need more money, or a bigger home, or a better job, you need to understand you will never find the “perfect” time. You can adapt your live in preparation to having a baby, or adapt your life after having a baby. The latter option is probably going to be the most practical. Once your baby is born, you may find that the reality of being a new parent does not meet your expectations.

Despite my wife’s worries about getting pregnant, it happened with remarkable ease and quickness. The month after our decision my wife was late on her period, and the home pregnancy test was positive. It was an amazing moment, my wife holding the tester, hopping up and down, and my mind swimming around, very happy, but not certain of the reality of the situation. A second home test confirmed the result, as did the visit to the doctor.

We were pregnant, and a baby was beginning to develop. A miracle beyond thought or words.

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